Since Inauguration the HMS Belfast Association has nearly 400 members worldwide made up of Officers and Ships Company of HMS Belfast when in Commission. The Aims and Objectives of the Association Are:-

•To Re-unite all who served on Board
•To Welcome supporters of the Association (Associate Members)
•To Provide Support for the Widows of Members who have Crossed the Bar
•To Provide Social opportunities for Members
•To Issue a Newsletter "Seahorse" three times a year
•To Provide Welfare for its Members
•To Support the Imperial War Museum in their efforts to preserve this Historic Warship
The Association Welcomes new Members.
Full Members must have served on board at any time during its Active Service life Between 1939 until 1964.

Associate Members must have an interest in the ship and abide by its Constitution, Aims and Objectives

Membership Subscriptions are only £10.00p per year. Applications by Post, Details of who to send the application to and payment methods are on the Application Form, Click on Application Form to download an application form and a copy of our constitution

Recent New Members
Enrolled in the last 12 Months
Enrolled March 2018
#889 GOFFIN John A Stoker Mechanic (1959-61 Commission)
#890 BELKE Jonathan Associate Member (Imperial War Museum Volunteer)
Enrolled April 2018
#891 PRICE Robert J Associate Member (Proposed by #115 Ronald Knight)
Enrolled May 2018
#802 BRISTOLL Bernie Leading Telegraphist (1962-63 Commission
#893 BILLETT David J Associate Member (Ex RN, Proposed by #832 Ernie Davies)
#894 BARNES Susan Associate Member (Related to an Arctic Convoy Veteran)
#895 WALLIS David R Lieutenant (1962-63 Commission)
Enrolled June 2018
#896 SHORE Mark Associate Member (Related to the late #370 John Shore)
#897 HOUGHTON Neil Associate Member (IWM HMS Belfast Staff)
Enrolled July 2018
#898 LEE Anthony (Tansy) Associate Member (Royal Navy 1969-79)
Enrolled August 2018
#899 DONALDSON Rt Hon Sir Jeffrey Associate Member (Army - Ulster Defence Regiment)
#900 DAY Alan Telegraphist (1960 & 1962)
Enrolled December 2018
#901 WINTER Lesley Associate Member (Daughter of #289 Sidney Greenhill)
#902 WINTER Catherine Associate Member (Granddaughter of #289 Sidney Greenhill)
#903 WINTER Alison Associate Member (Granddaughter of #289 Sidney Greenhill)
Enrolled January 2019
#904 COUVREUR Julien. Associate Member (Grandson of #88 Denis Taylor)
Enrolled February 2019
#905 FOSTER Andrew. Associate Member (Son of #409 Ronald Foster)
Enrolled March 2019
#905 TAYLOR Scott Barry. Associate Member (Son of HMS Belfast WW2 Crew Member Richard Taylor)

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